Nord Anglia Education Schools

JTA Design has been at the forefront of a strategic collaboration with various schools within the Nord Anglia Education (NAE) network, embarking on a mission to harmonize their visual identity. Our endeavor was to ensure a consistent and coherent reflection of the NAE brand across an array of school materials and promotional assets, reinforcing the network’s prestigious reputation.

Our approach involved a deep dive into the essence of the NAE brand, understanding its core values and how they resonate within the educational landscape. With this insight, we meticulously implemented their unified visual identity system, adapting it across different mediums—ranging from digital platforms to physical materials. This ensured that regardless of the point of contact, the NAE identity would shine through with clarity and impact.

The result of this collaboration has been a strengthened brand cohesion across the Nord Anglia Education network, showcasing a unified front that echoes the excellence and global stature of NAE schools. Through thoughtful design and strategic implementation, JTA Design has helped elevate the NAE visual identity, ensuring it consistently reflects the network’s commitment to providing world-class education.