ANOC World Beach Games Bali 2023

We created the logo and visual identity for the ANCO World Beach Games 2023.

The logo represents a Barong mask composed of many elements representing Bali and the beach.

The quintessentially Bali symbol of the Barong, in Balinese mythology, represents good against evil (Rangda).

The elements that compose the mask are the following:

  • Lenpuyang Temple on top, surrounded by two sea waves
  • A flower made of shells in the ears, in the same way, that Balinese men traditionally dance with flowers in their ears before a fight or competition. 
  • The ears are made of leaves, representing the amazing vegetal life of Bali.
  • The teeth are Jukung, traditional Balinese fishing boats.
  • Shapes resembling fish and crabs on the forehead

The eyes and nose themselves evoke the sun and swimmers playing with balls and waving a flag in the sea.

The red colour represents Indonesia, while the yellow and the blue represent the sun, the clear sky, the sand and the sun.