ANOC Website

After the successful creation of ANOC’s new visual identity, we were delighted to be selected to build a new website for ANOC. ANOC works to affiliate the 206 national Olympic Committees across the world. The organisation has a broad remit and a wide range of stakeholders, ranging from athletes through to policymakers, government bodies, sports federations and media outlets.

With a legacy website that was suddenly looking tired and failing to engage sufficiently with this broad audience, we were commissioned to carry out a full redevelopment, to create a strongly visual and highly engaging new platform with enhanced functionality that would offer a seamless user experience.

As a heavily design-led, conceptual platform, the website design centred around the organisation’s visual identity and needed to communicate the passion, mastery and professionalism of ANOC and its global sporting remit. We worked with our client closely to define user requirements and carried out market research to understand exactly what users wanted from the new website.

The resulting website is highly visual, but with clear functionality, including interactive events viewing, rich media engagement and a regularly updating news section. The website is fully responsive to adapt to any user device and is fast and simple to navigate, ensuring that users can access the content that they want to, in the shortest possible time. The website is slick, rapid, engaging and gives a strong sense of energy and dynamism, in line with the attributes of ANOC itself.

We also ensured that the website was built on a robust, supported platform using best-in-class coding and technologies to ensure maximum future-proofing, with full CMS functionalities so that the marketing team at ANOC can easily update and maintain it going forward.