About us
JTA Design is a world-class, globally-focused business built on an unswerving commitment to creativity and a deep understanding of sport.

JTA Design is all about sport.

We don’t do cornflakes, we don’t do cars, we just do sport.
It’s at the heart of everything we do. We live it, we breathe it, we understand how it works.

In sport, great design builds winning brands. And that’s something we have been doing for years. It’s about understanding your goals and having empathy with your aspirations and values.

Great design is born out of experience, knowledge and a deep understanding of your world and the challenges you face. Great design is about talented people committed to your success, people who share your passion, people who make things happen.

When you have all that, great design becomes excellent design. And for us, excellence is everything.

More than 15 years at the heart of international sport give us unparalleled knowledge, awareness and a unique perspective. We understand sport and all its complexities. We understand design in all its dimensions.

That experience is part of our make-up and it shapes everything we do.

It’s why we are never complacent, take nothing for granted and constantly strive to create, invent and innovate. And it’s why we deliver designs for winners. Because excellence is everything.

Sport is rooted in passion. And we celebrate that every day. In fact our passion for sport is matched only by our passion for design and for producing extraordinary work that delivers outstanding results.

Where our passions meet we create excellence. And excellence is everything.

Our success is built on teamwork, because together we are stronger and achieve amazing results. It’s about fusing the talents of inspired designers with outstanding technical ability, creative direction and account management to ensure your goals are achieved.

Our team is built on many skills and many strengths and founded on our heritage in sport. As a team we deliver excellence time and time again.

Our focus on excellence is with us every second of every day. You might say it’s our obsession. It drives us to work harder, think more creatively and continually strive to surprise and delight our clients. Above all it’s about refusing to accept second best.

Because when you are designing for winners, excellence is everything.

“Pleasure working with the team of professionals who treat their customers as family. Always flexible and ready for not standard solutions.“

- International Fencing Federation (FIE)

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with JTA Design to bring the Americas' Olympic Movement brand to life. They have created a bold, new look across our channels that continue to inspire our community and engage a broader audience. JTA Design goes above and beyond to always meet our deadlines and surpass our expectations."

- Panam Sports

"Working with JTA Design has been a real pleasure. They are extremely professional, service-oriented and were able to work under tight deadlines. More importantly, they provided creative and top-class contents so that we can only recommend them !”

- International Testing Agency

"The JTA Design team is both professional and expedient, it is a pleasure working with them. We have great synergy regarding ideas and vision which result in production of amazing content."

- International Judo Federation

"ANOC has enjoyed an excellent working relationship with JTA Design since 2014. They have a thorough understanding of the sport movement and listen carefully to the needs of the client to ensure they deliver tailored, creative and beautiful designs."

- Association of National Olympic Committees

"Working with JTA Design has been a smooth and easy process. They provide quality work, new and fresh designs and understand what you are looking to create. Their team works efficiently and has a good grasp of the sports industry. It’s a real pleasure working with the JTA Design team, I would definitely recommend them."

- SportAccord Convention

"WBSC entrusted the JTA Design team to develop the Official Programme/Media Guide of a new flagship international baseball competition. JTA Design’s uncompromising attention to detail, expertise and impressive project completion schedule were all showcased."

- World Baseball Softball Confederation

"Through their engagement with brand consultancy and design development for RIOU’s advertising and marketing collateral the JTA Design demonstrated the high professional standards they rely upon. Always looking forward to the next joint project with them!"

- Russian International Olympic University

"Working with JTA Design has been a delightful surprise for UIPM; until we worked with them we could not have imagined their inspiration and incredible professionalism, not to mention their creativity. As our partners, JTA Design treasure our sport, they respect our values and they help to develop our image in a modern and dynamic way."

- Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne

Sport is rooted in passion.
And we celebrate that every day.